Why OUC

                        Welcome to study at OUC!  

                        Ocean University of China (OUC) is renowned for its featured disciplines: oceanography and fisheries. It also offers a wide range of majors including science, engineering, agricultural science, medical science and pharmacy, economics, management, literature, law, education, history and the arts. It is therefore a key comprehensive university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education.

                        “Ocean embraces streams all; Exploring promises reaching far.” With this motto in mind, we at OUC have, since the founding of the institution in 1924, been committed to the mission of exploring, developing and protecting the ocean, pursuing academic goals and cultivating talent to meet the country’s strategic needs and to contribute to sustainable development. We are also actively involved in international cooperation as part of our internationalization efforts. 


                        Ocean University of China is now offering various ranges of special programs to international students, includes the International Chinese Business Program, the Undergraduate Program of International Economics and Trade, the Undergraduate Program of Business Administration, the Undergraduate Program of Computer Science and Technology, the Master’s Program of International Business, the Master’s Program of Environmental and Natural Resources Law, and the Master’s Program of China Studies. We recruit international students for the Chinese Language Program all the year round.


                        Ocean University of China also admitted to offer Chinese Government Scholarship、Marine Scholarship of China、Confucius Institute Scholarship and OUC Presidential Scholarship.



                        Contact Information:
                        International Student Center, Ocean University of China
                        Add: No. 23 Eastern Hongkong Road, Qingdao, China

                        Tel: +86-532-85901555 (English) / +86-532-85901666 (Korean & Russian)