OUC Won Two State Science and Technology Awards in 2019

                        On Jan. 10, 2020, China’s State Science and Technology Awards ceremony was held in Beijing. National leaders presented awards to the winners. Ocean University of China (OUC) won two State Science and Technology Awards. Academician Li Huajun, OUC’s Vice President and leader of one of the award-winning projects, was invited to the ceremony. 

                        The project led by Academician Li, which centers around “new structure design for coastal and shallow waters, and key construction and safety technologies”, won the second prize of the State Science and Technology Progress Award. This is the first time for the university to receive this award in seven years. It is also the third award of its kind the university has won in the past fifteen years in the field of ocean engineering. It shows OUC’s strong momentum in developing its discipline of ocean engineering and the university’s significant contributions to building a strong maritime country, ecological conservation and the Belt & Road Initiative. 

                        Another project, which focuses on the “key technologies and methods in dealing with red tide emergencies in coastal waters”, won the second prize of State Technology Invention Award. Prof. Yu Zhigang, OUC’s President is the second prize-winner of this project. The award shows OUC’s continuous progress in the research and technology related to marine environmental protection. 

                        In the past two years, OUC has won a total of 5 State Science and Technology Awards, covering such areas as marine science, aquaculture and ocean engineering. They demonstrate OUC’s strong innovation capability and momentum, which are important to its endeavor of becoming a world-class university.