IELTS English Teacher Wanted


                        IELTS English Teacher Wanted for SQA Programme

                        Job Description

                        Ocean University of China is located in Qingdao, a renowned summer resort and an attractive historic tourist city of scenic beauty and temperate climate, convenient with an international airport for direct flights to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

                        CSCSE-SQA Programme was started in 2004, a 3-year programme to get students well prepared in IELTS and specialty courses. On successful completion, the students may choose to further their study for their degrees in scores of universities of UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada and so on.

                        Now you have an opportunity to join us on the following jobs:

                        1. Training in four skills of IELTS, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing

                        2. Teaching Preparations for Undergraduate Study in British, American or Australian Universities

                        3. Teaching Academic and Business English

                        4. Personable, committed to supporting the students

                        Minimum Requirements

                        Native English Speaker.

                        ? Bachelor’s Degree or above. Relevant at least two years’ working experience

                        Minimum 1 school-year commitment, 14 hours per week.

                        Preferably With:

                         ?Teaching Certificate

                         ? Degree in a relevant field

                        If interested, please contact at not later than Dec 30th, 2019.





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